Development, integrated production and sales of high-strength, high-quality bolts, precision machined parts, etc., for the aerospace, automotive and medical markets.

Medical[Medical Division]

Pioneering orthopedic implants.

We are actively developing original MEIRA products with MADE IN JAPAN safety and functionality.

We aim to be the global leader for orthopedic implants with innovations that are always a step ahead.

MEIRA's Medical Division manufactures many products based on the titanium processing technology we have cultivated over the years in the aerospace field. We are one of the few domestic implant manufacturers dealing in a wide range of products such as plates, screws and external fixators, which are bone-bonded products used in the orthopedic field, and staples, which are ligament fixed products.

Traditionally, imported goods made to suit the bodies of Westerners were mainly used in Japan, but MEIRA designs and develops products for the skeletons of Japanese people by incorporating the advice of doctors in the field.

We value the passion of doctors and other health professionals, and work to develop and provide products that they can use with confidence to achieve rapid patient recoveries.

Medical DivisionTEL. +81-52-459-1277
FAX. +81-52-459-1282